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Ever seen a website with Nifty automatic Signals???

For the first time, Nifty Auto System generating Buy/Sell signals

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Note: Nifty Signals is now with SMS alerts and Live chat support

About Us:

We are proud to announce that this is the first website to display live buy sell signals of nifty index. We came up with this innovation as many clients in Indian stock market are exploring for this feature due to their lack of knowledge in technical analysis. We developed a system which generates high profitable signals for nifty index and exports it to our website, www.niftysignals.com

The trade system was developed for nifty index spot taking all kinds of traders in to consideration. Nifty future and nifty option clients can perform their respective trades as per nifty spot signals. More information on how to trade using our system is available here - How to trade?

Features of Nifty Signals:

  • Pre-market nifty levels for market outlook
  • Live Buy Sell Signals during market hours
  • Auto signals are developed for Nifty Index
  • Daily 1-3 signals on nifty future
  • Signals auto refresh after every 1 minute
  • High profitability and accuracy
  • Good risk reward ratio
  • Instant updation of signals
  • Profit/loss summary at the end of the day
  • Past records on our blog for back testing

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